“We strongly believe that meaningful, long reaching and lasting change can be achieved from the grassroots”

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Alive and KickinG

Zamshu has long-standing partnership with the employment creation and health messaging project Alive and Kicking, which has been based at the Zamleather factory in Lusaka since 2006.

The synergy between the two allows for the NGO, which produces and distributes leather footballs, to carry health awareness on HIV/AIDS and Malaria to children and communities in rural and urban locations in a sustainable manner.


Our passion for sports runs deep. Our signature Kaleza boots were born of the need for a quality, locally manufactured boot tailored to our terrain.

Zamshu’s involvement goes from our National Team heroes down to the grassroots, supporting local talent development and our nation’s best in equal measure. Over the years Zamshu has, through the Kaleza brand, backed little leagues and community initiatives by donating football boots and footballs as well as men’s and women’s national hockey teams.


Zamshu, through Zamleather, supports the Zambia Clubfoot Program under Hope Walks Zambia Limited. It also works with organizations such as the Zambia Association of Children with Disabilities (ZACD) to provide material that is used in the making of corrective footwear for the treatment of children with clubfoot.


Zamshu is a proud supporter of Zambia’s wildlife conservation organisations. We support Conservation Lower Zambezi, Kasanka Trust, Game Rangers International (GRI) Zambia and South Luangwa Conservation Society. By consistently donating security and safety boots to the rangers we help to ensure that they are ‘dressed for the job’ and unhampered when carrying out the important work of protecting and conserving Zambia’s treasured wildlife.

People First

Voices of our Stakeholders

I have fairly come accross companies where you can actaully have the entire valuechain of footwear manufacturing all under one roof. However, Zamshu illustrates the end-to-end process from the time the hives come in to the tannery.
Mr. Rolland Ebulu
Fred Footwear
After beeing introduced to Zamshu, i have a whole perspective on looking at leather. I never expected the manufacturing process to be so intricate and I really want to do business because there is real potential that we can work together.
Ms. Janine Govender
Nikkita Footwear
Africa has the best leather in the world. We need to encourage the growth of our industry by buying local. Once we do so, we will definitely increase production, and export more products on the international market.
Richard Mulenga
Zamleather Assistant Production Manager